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Your declaration of independence

You can't get better if you don't know what's broke. Take our at-home tests and get personalized vitamin packs and supplements delivered to your door.

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We don't tell you what you need. Your body tells us.

Deficiencies and imbalances don't always announce themselves. But with the right testing and analysis, we find out what your body needs. Rather than potentially harming yourself with one-size-fits-all vitamin regimens, we take a precise approach to filling in your nutrient gaps. Get your first analysis with one of our at-home tests.

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    Meet Your Match

    Choose a test based on your wellness goals or find out what test is right for you using our by Matchmaker quiz. We ship everything you need right to your door.

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    Take The Test

    Collect test samples from the convenience of your home. Collection tools, instructions, and return label are included.

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    Your Vitamins Arrive

    Receive results and wellness recommendations based on science, not guesswork. Speak with and recieve guidance from a clinician at no charge, and enjoy the luxury of getting personalized vitamins delivered straight to your door!

Our people are
essential to our process.

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Our clinical nutritionists are here to guide you to wellness. Beyond our at-home tests, we need to understand your life: how you feel, what stresses you out, and where you could use help.

The best personalized vitamin and supplement packs come from clinicians who know you personally.

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    It was a breath of fresh air when Wellnicity reached out to me to offer to take me through a testing process to discover what it was my body needed before asking me to try their product. I felt they had listened to what I was saying and reached out with an opportunity for me to discover more about my body. -Sarah
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    My life is non stop, I'm a workaholic, I don't get enough sleep, and I am guilty of overtraining and not prioritizing my health/nutrition. Wellnicity provided a full report for me, going over each parameter with detailed notes, lifestyle recommendations, and a personal letter. -Monica
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    I can honestly say that working with Wellnicity has changed what I know about my body. I am a firm believer in testing and love that because of great companies like Wellnicity it is affordable and easy. -Lauren

Your Data Is Used For One Thing. Understanding Your Health.

It is now time for us to take a stand against those in our industry who trade or sell the data of their customers from at-home tests. We believe the data you give us is for us to do our jobs, and that data is your personal data we do not share, trade, or sell. We are in the business of caring for you, and that means caring about your security as well. Your personal data is not a form of currency for us and never will be.

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