We don't tell you what you need. Your body tells us.

Symptoms are your body's way of trying to communicate that there's a problem, but the message isn't always clear. With the right at-home testing and clinical analysis, we'll help you determine what your body is asking you for. The Wellnicity Method takes a precise approach to creating your personalized Wellness Plan with your body as our guide.

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    Meet Your Match

    Choose an at-home test kit based on your wellness goals or take the Health Quiz to determine the best test for you based on your symptoms. We ship everything you need right to your door. 

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    Take The Test

    Collect test samples from the convenience of your home. Collection tools, instructions, and return label are included.

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    Speak to a Clinician

    Receive results and a Wellness Plan based on science, not guesswork. Speak with and recieve guidance from a clinician at no charge.

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    Start Your Wellness Plan

    We won't give you your test results and send you on your way. If imbalances or deficiencies are found by the lab, we will address them with diet and lifestyle recommendations and a professional-grade supplement regimen built in daily packs based on YOUR test results. 


Our people are
essential to our process.

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Our clinical nutritionists are here to guide you on your journey to wellness. Beyond our at-home tests, we need to understand your life: how you feel, what stresses you out, and where you could use help.

The best personalized vitamins and supplement packs come from clinicians who know you personally.

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  • Meggy with report

    I got my Wellness Report back and I was actually pretty surprised at the results! I learned a lot about myself and the foods my body has reactions to - the big ones being cows milk + whey products, but walnuts, crab, and green peas showed up too. I love how in depth the results are, including recommendations on how to change your lifestyle to cut out your reactive foods as well as a run down of the supplement regimen catered to your results to help optimize your health. -Megan
  • Justin holding kit

    I just received my new supplement pack… it’s a test , it’s results, it’s education, it’s guidance and most importantly... it’s solutions! -Justine
  • Clifton supp pics

    I am very happy with the results, guys! I took their at-home test for food allergies and not only learned which foods (and in my case supplements) I needed to start avoiding, but also got a tailored supplement regimen. A few weeks later and I have more energy during the day and like...zero indigestion! -Krisztina

Your Data Is Used For One Thing. Understanding Your Health.

It is now time for us to take a stand against those in our industry who trade or sell the data of their customers from at-home tests. We believe the data you give us is for us to do our jobs, and that data is your personal data we do not share, trade, or sell. We are in the business of caring for you, and that means caring about your security as well. Your personal data is not a form of currency for us and never will be.

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