• photo of Leah Marit Robinson
  • Leah Marit Robinson

    "The best thing about @wellnicity is that your clinician will come up with a supplement plan for you to start getting your body back in balance! It's tailored to your body and the results of your test and your health quiz. When coupled with healthy eating + healthy habits, you're on your way to healing your gut!"

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  • Katelyn Buchwald

    "Wellnicity has helped me discover (and continue to discover) more and more about my health with their at-home test kits, and I'm so grateful they not only thoroughly explain my results, but they set me up on a natural regimen custom to support the results from my tests."

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  • Lauren Breiding

    "My body is jumping for joy after I took the at home My Gut Health test with @wellnicity. I am going on my third month working with Wellnicity and talking to my clinician and let me tell you I have learned so much about my body. Getting education on my body has helped me make much more informed choices."