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My Stress

It's Not You, It's Your Hormones.

Hormone imbalances may be playing a role in your ability to manage daily stress. Chronic stress is associated with many other health problems like weight gain, impulsivity, anxiety, fatigue, sleep or focus issues, and more. This simple at-home test measures cortisol and DHEA, known as stress hormones, in saliva to glean information on how well the body is coping with stress. Includes test kit, shipping, laboratory fees, clinical consultation, Wellness Report and Wellness Plan. Not available in New York.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is unavailable to residents.

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Possible Effects
of Imbalance

  • Anxiety / Restlessness
  • Carbohydrate, Sugar Cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Cycle Disturbances
  • Weight Issues

Speak to a Clinical Nutritionist

What Do You Get?

  • Lab processing fees
  • Customized lab report
  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
  • Clinician consultation
  • Standard shipping fees (outbound and return)
  • Requisition & Consent Form
  • (4) Saliva vial H
  • Absorbent pad
  • Specimen bag
  • Return mailer

How It Works

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    01 Order

    Order this wellness program or any others that fit your symptoms.
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    02 Testing

    You send us saliva samples so we can identify your Cortisol and DHEA(s) levels and glean information on how well your body is coping with stress and to what degree the stress response has been activated.
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    03 Learning and Rebalancing

    We send you your results along with wellness recommendations tailored around the laboratory findings. You can speak with a clinical nutritionist about how to keep your hormones balanced and protect against restlessness, fatigue, cravings, and several other symptoms.
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Next Up: Personal Replenishment

Once you have your test results, our clinical nutritionists guide you on your way to improved wellness. Should your results uncover deficiencies or imbalances, a custom regimen of daily vitamin packs and other supplements will be outlined for you based on your test results.

Supplement Solutions

While other companies seem to base their supplement solutions on market research, our methods are backed by clinical science. With 12 years of proven testing, including thousands of panels, our practices are shared by more than a thousand independent practitioners. Our supplements are of the highest standard available. We only offer professional-grade vitamins and supplements from selective and thoroughly tested suppliers.

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The Science

From a holistic standpoint, chronic stress may be the culprit for many health problems. Whether a person is experiencing physical stress (athletic over-training, physical injury, etc.) or emotional stress (work stress, relationship troubles, worry over finances, etc.), the body is programmed to release stress signals such as cortisol and adrenaline (epinephrine) as part of the "fight or flight response." If cortisol levels are elevated, this indicates the adrenals are working very hard to keep up with the demand.

When circulating cortisol levels are high, it counteracts the action of insulin keeping glucose in the blood for a longer period of time. Cortisol elevation also down-regulates the immune system, creates sleep cycle disturbances, and has effects on hydration. Conversely, if ongoing stress has been a factor over a long period of time, cortisol levels may become depleted. 

Low cortisol has been associated with low energy, poor motivation, recurrent infections, and gastrointestinal (GI) permeability problems. By measuring cortisol levels in saliva we are able to glean information on how well the body is coping with stress. Evaluation of DHEA provides additional insight into how long and to what degree the stress response has been activated.

Steroid hormone levels measured in saliva reflect the circulating level of free steroid rather than total levels and represent the bioavailable fraction available to the tissues. This is the hormone fraction that has already been delivered to salivary glands and then diffused passively into saliva. Therefore, measuring free hormone in the saliva is a better measure of the bioavailable fraction as compared to the protein-bound hormone in circulating blood, which “might” be delivered to the tissues. Salivary cortisol has now been well recognized as the “gold standard” for investigating adrenal function.

Tests 2 hormones

  • Cortisol (4 samples)
  • DHEA(s) (1 sample)

Collection methods

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