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My Gut - Health

Your Gut IS Your Second Brain, After All..

THIS TEST IS TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE PLEASE CHECK BACK AT A LATER DATE Your immune system lies 80% in your gastrointestinal tract. When inflammation extends to the gut, beneficial bacteria, digestion and gut integrity decline. This can result in increased risk for opportunistic yeast overgrowth and/or an imbalance of pathogenic bacteria. This scenario increases the risk of greater inflammation and the movement of parasites, yeast, and pathogens from the gut into other areas of the body. This simple at-home test can assess the presence of bad bacteria yeast and other key GI health markers. Includes test kit, shipping, laboratory fees, clinical consultation, Wellness Report and Wellness Plan. Not available in New York.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is unavailable to residents.

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Possible Effects
of Imbalance

  • Chronic Yeast/ Fungal Infections
  • Constipation, Diarrhea, & IBS
  • Fatigue
  • Gas / Bloating & Trouble Digesting Foods

Speak to a Clinical Nutritionist

What Do You Get?

  • Lab processing fees
  • Customized lab report
  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
  • Clinician consultation
  • Standard shipping fees (outbound and return)
  • Requisition & Consent Form
  • (1) Stool vial A
  • (2) Stool vial B
  • (1) Saliva vial H
  • Absorbent pad
  • Specimen bag
  • Return mailer

How It Works

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    01 Order

    Order this wellness program or any others that fit your symptoms.
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    02 Testing

    It's time to get down, dirty and to the root. You send us a few stool and saliva samples so that we can measure 15 important gut health markers.
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    03 Learning and Rebalancing

    We send you your results along with wellness recommendations tailored around the laboratory findings. You can speak with a clinical nutritionist about how to keep your gut (and your overall health) in good repair.
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Next Up: Personal Replenishment

Once you have your test results, our clinical nutritionists guide you on your way to improved wellness. Should your results uncover deficiencies or imbalances, a custom regimen of daily vitamin packs and other supplements will be outlined for you based on your test results.

Supplement Solutions

While other companies seem to base their supplement solutions on market research, our methods are backed by clinical science. With 12 years of proven testing, including thousands of panels, our practices are shared by more than a thousand independent practitioners. Our supplements are of the highest standard available. We only offer professional-grade vitamins and supplements from selective and thoroughly tested suppliers.

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The Science

Gastrointestinal (GI) health is the foundation for a healthy body. Since 80% of your immune system resides in the GI tract, having a healthy balance of beneficial flora with the appropriate release of digestive enzymes is imperative. The GI tract (referring to the 30 foot tube from your mouth all the way to the bottom) has been called by some "the second brain." 

Antibiotic use, stress, poor diet, and the aging process are just some examples of what can initiate a process of inflammation that breaks down the lining of the intestinal tract leading to a wide range of symptoms. These symptoms include difficulty digesting foods, constipation or irregular bowel movements, bloating or gas, intolerance to certain foods, frequent infection, and mood imbalances. 

The goal of My Gut - Health is to evaluate certain markers of the GI tract so we can identify the weakest parts and take action to shore them up. The healing process requires four basic steps: 1. Remove allergens, toxins, parasites, and non-beneficial bacteria; 2. Restore a healthy bacteria population; 3. Repair the gut lining and mucosal membranes using highly specified nutrients; 4. Replenish digestive enzymes, bile acids, and possibly supplementing with HCl to maintain long term balance.

To ensure high sensitivity and specificity of detection, the laboratory that Wellnicity uses employs state-of-the-art equipment capable of identifying over 4,000 specific microorganisms—100 times more than standard laboratories can identify. This equipment is found primarily in advanced reference laboratories and provides extremely rapid and accurate results. The test also requires two stool collections to achieve higher sensitivity in finding parasites and ova.  

When a stool sample is received at the lab, they perform tests to rule out the presence of known enteric bacterial pathogens that may cause acute or chronic disease. They also plate the stool sample on several types of aerobic culture media to assess the bacterial flora present in the client’s intestinal tract. 


PLEASE NOTE: Case reports and research that a bacterium causes disease beyond the digestive tract (i.e. sepsis, meningitis, lung infections, etc.) does not mean that the same bacterium will cause problems when present only in the gastrointestinal tract as found on stool culture. Also, strain differences in bacterial species can lead to significant differences in pathogenicity. Even with studies showing evidence that a specific bacterium may cause gastrointestinal disease, variations can exist among bacteria such that not all members of the same genus and species will cause the same gastrointestinal problems.

Ok, But What Does All of That Mean?

Basically, if you're experiencing gastrointestinal issues that have you concerned about your gut health, this may be the gut health test you've been looking for.  What does a gut testing kit entail?  We know it stinks, but there is some stool involved; it's necessary for getting down to the nitty gritty of what exactly is going on in your gut.  Find out if there are any bad actors playing a supporting role in your gut health such as candida, opportunistic bacteria, h. pylori, parasites and much more.   

Finding out is easy! It's a simple at home stool and saliva test, your results are delivered securely online (#DataPrivacy) and, if things aren't looking good, our Clinical Nutritionists will create a custom regimen of professional-grade supplements to help heal your gut.  So gut better quicker and remember... our Clinical Nutritionists are here for you every step of the way!

Tests 15 biomarkers related to gut health

  • Entamoebamoeba Histolytica Ab, sIgA
  • Helicobacter Pylori Ab, IgG
  • Total Intestinal sIgA
  • Intestinal Lysozyme
  • Intestinal Alpha Anti-Chymotrypsin
  • Gluten (Gliadin) Ab, sIgA
  • Chymotrypsin
  • Occult Blood
  • Fecal pH
  • Cryptosporidium Antigen
  • Giardia Lamblia Antigen
  • Clostridium Difficile Toxins A and B
  • Bacterial Stool Culture, Mixed Gram Negative Rods/Flora
  • Bacterial Stool Culture, Mixed Gram Positive Rods/Flora
  • Mixed Flora (species)
  • White Blood Cells (WBC)
  • Red Blood Cells (RBC)
  • Ova and Parasites
  • Stool Culture for Yeast
  • Campylobacter Antigen
  • Shiga Toxin

Collection methods

Stool and Saliva samples

View the collection instructions

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