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My Gut - Health

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Your immune system lies 80% in your gastrointestinal tract. When inflammation extends to the gut, beneficial bacteria, digestion and gut integrity decline. This can result in increased risk for opportunistic yeast overgrowth and/or an imbalance of pathogenic bacteria. This scenario increases the risk of greater inflammation and the movement of parasites, yeast, and pathogens from the gut into other areas of the body. This simple at-home test can assess the presence of bad bacteria yeast and other key GI health markers. Includes test kit, shipping, laboratory fees, clinical consultation, Wellness Report and Wellness Plan. Not available in New York.

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  • Meggy with report

    I got my Wellness Report back and I was actually pretty surprised at the results! I learned a lot about myself and the foods my body has reactions to - the big ones being cows milk + whey products, but walnuts, crab, and green peas showed up too. I love how in depth the results are, including recommendations on how to change your lifestyle to cut out your reactive foods as well as a run down of the supplement regimen catered to your results to help optimize your health. -Megan
  • Justin holding kit

    I just received my new supplement pack… it’s a test , it’s results, it’s education, it’s guidance and most importantly... it’s solutions! -Justine
  • Clifton supp pics

    I am very happy with the results, guys! I took their at-home test for food allergies and not only learned which foods (and in my case supplements) I needed to start avoiding, but also got a tailored supplement regimen. A few weeks later and I have more energy during the day and indigestion! -Krisztina