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  • Meggy with report

    I got my Wellness Report back and I was actually pretty surprised at the results! I learned a lot about myself and the foods my body has reactions to - the big ones being cows milk + whey products, but walnuts, crab, and green peas showed up too. I love how in depth the results are, including recommendations on how to change your lifestyle to cut out your reactive foods as well as a run down of the supplement regimen catered to your results to help optimize your health. -Megan
  • Justin holding kit

    I just received my new supplement pack… it’s a test , it’s results, it’s education, it’s guidance and most importantly... it’s solutions! -Justine
  • Clifton supp pics

    I am very happy with the results, guys! I took their at-home test for food allergies and not only learned which foods (and in my case supplements) I needed to start avoiding, but also got a tailored supplement regimen. A few weeks later and I have more energy during the day and indigestion! -Krisztina