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My Brain + Stress

$319.00 + Free Shipping

What came first...the chemical imbalance in the brain or the hormonal imbalance in the adrenal glands? It's difficult to know for sure but we DO know that your neurotransmitters and adrenals work in concert to manage stress. The Brain + Stress Program will help determine if your chemical messengers are no longer messaging or your stress response has stopped responding. Get the answers and the solutions with The Wellnicity Method. Not available in New York.

My Brain - Balance

$239.00 + Free Shipping

Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers of your brain, much like a game of telephone, relaying information from one cell to the next. Stress, a poor diet, or genetic factors can cause these chemical messengers to get out of balance. But there’s no need to panic and order any old serotonin test or chemical brain test -- you need The Wellnicity Method; we'll guide you through your Brain Balance Program. Not available in New York.

My Brain - Focus & Memory

$159.00 + Free Shipping

When the chemical messengers responsible for cognitive function aren't performing optimally, neither are you. You're not losing your mind, it may be chemical (and your glasses are on top of your head). Measure the health markers, feed the pathways for focus and mobilize your memory with The Wellnicity Method. Your Focus & Memory Program will help get you back on track. Not available in New York.

My Brain - Sleep & Mood

$99.00 + Free Shipping

Sleep and mood are widely affected by your nutritional intake. Hanger is real. But deeper than that, your brain needs certain nutrients to feed the chemical messengers responsible for keeping your mood and sleep cycle balanced. With this knowledge in hand, we can utilize the Wellnicity Method to get you started on your Sleep & Mood Program. We'll get you resting better and help cut the chains on those mood swings. Not available in New York.

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  • photo of Sarah holding Wellnicity test kit

    It was a breath of fresh air when Wellnicity reached out to me to offer to take me through a testing process to discover what it was my body needed before asking me to try their product. I felt they had listened to what I was saying and reached out with an opportunity for me to discover more about my body. -Sarah
  • photo of Monica holding Wellnicity test kit

    My life is non stop, I'm a workaholic, I don't get enough sleep, and I am guilty of overtraining and not prioritizing my health/nutrition. Wellnicity provided a full report for me, going over each parameter with detailed notes, lifestyle recommendations, and a personal letter. -Monica
  • photo of Lauren holding Wellnicity test kits

    I can honestly say that working with Wellnicity has changed what I know about my body. I am a firm believer in testing and love that because of great companies like Wellnicity it is affordable and easy. -Lauren