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Neurotransmitter testing becomes available

Pam adds neurotransmitter testing into her practice after meeting Bernhard Manz, biochemist and owner of LDN in Germany. This testing helped patients who had failed medication therapies for sleep cycle, depression, anxiety and focus.


Clinician access to platform

Clinicians begin incorporating Pam’s method for improving imbalanced neurotransmitters in January 2005 through her platform called Help Your Brain.


Platform opens to consumer

A brain wellness platform goes live in March 2006 offering neurotransmitter testing direct to consumer.


Creation of The Children’s Program

A formal children’s program began in November 2006 as a follow-up to a clinical trial helping internationally adopted children integrate into their new households.


Manufacturing of proprietary blends

Manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade proprietary blends of supplements to enhance outcomes begins in April 2006.


Dry spot urine testing available

LDN creates a dry spot urine collection along with Pam revolutionizing neurotransmitter testing and the stability of the samples.


Test Kit product offering expanded

Multiple other tests including GI panels, genetic panels, blood and saliva testing are added to the consumer side of the Brain Wellness Program to further improve client outcomes.


Software and analytics platform enhanced

The software is enhanced to further improve the ability to compare clinical trends and analytics therefore improving protocols.


Expansion of dry spot testing

Additional dry spot lab tests were added to enable young children, the elderly and anyone adverse to venipuncture to test markers through us. New markers continue to be added.


New retail platform launched

A new platform was developed to serve corporate and retail clients to access testing in 2016.


Manufacturing of proprietary blends

An upgrade to the platform is implemented in June 2017 to improve flexibility for the consumer including adding custom pill packs available vs. bottles.

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