Ready, Set, Jet: Six Tips to Healthy Travel

Wellnicity Team - Jul 26, 2018


So, you've finally turned your OOO on and are about to take off on a much-needed getaway. The last thing you want is to start feeling under the weather as you land in your new destination.

Between bumping elbows with hundreds of people in a busy airport to eating foods your gut may not be used to, traveling can easily result in you feeling unwell. Regardless of where you're headed, try these six tips to stay well—even on-the-go.

  1. Head to the window.
    Sitting in the window seat of a plane means less exposure to germs. Because you come in contact with less individuals, you are less likely to end up getting sick. Read more on the recent study here.
  2. Snack Smart
    Finding healthy snack options while on-board a flight can be quite a challenge. Be prepared before boarding by bringing your own snacks. Stick to snacks such as fresh fruit and vegetables, or protein bars low in sugar to help you feel your best when you land.
  3. Extra Support
    If you find yourself needing a little extra support, try our Travel Pack with vitamins that offer your immune system a boost right when you need it.
  4. Explore By Foot
    Skip the Lyft and try walking in between your vacation's attractions. You will increase your daily step count and see more of the city up close and in-person.
  5. Eat Balanced
    While visiting a new city, you want to be able to indulge in local flavors, just be sure to stick to a balanced diet as you explore the local cuisine. Hint: visiting local farmer's markets are easy ways to try fresh, local foods and experience more of the city's culture.
  6. Try to be Active Every Day
    Some health experts pack bands or other fitness equipment to ensure they can work out while traveling, even if it's in their hotel room. If you'd rather pack light, try looking for a hotel that has a quality gym on-site. Don't forget your workout shoes!

Next time you're packing your bags, try these tips to stay healthy during your time away. Small changes such as these can give your body the support you need to stay healthy on-the-go.