Let's Get Clinical – Gut Health with Jessica

Jessica Wilhelm, BS, CN - Jun 14, 2018

Why is gut health so important?

Well, the short answer is, your gut connects to everything else in your body. With over 7,000 square feet of absorption area, there are a lot of different elements that can cause unpleasant symptoms, and an overall unhealthy gut.

Common symptoms include things you may have dealt with before, including gas, bloating and trouble digesting particular foods. However, other symptoms that are not usually associated with gut health, such as migraines and chronic skin conditions, can also be traced back to poor gut health.

If any of these symptoms sound eerily familiar, it may be time to take a deeper look into what could be causing you discomfort and learn how to combat an unhealthy gut. Eating a diet filled with whole foods and limiting your intake of sugar and unnecessary refined carbohydrates, which can disrupt your digestive tract, is the first defense against an unhealthy gut. If you've already made this change, you might need additional help.

Taking a probiotic can help restore healthy bacteria and enzymes in your gut. By creating balance and making it easier to digest food, probiotics can help eliminate any less-than-pleasant symptoms you are experiencing.

If you are still unsure about the state of your gut health, or you need help discerning what kinds of foods you may be sensitive to, Wellnicity offers a Gut Health Test in addition to a Food Sensitivity Test to help you get to the bottom of your gut issues. Our team of clinicians are also available for free consultations to help you go over which nutrients are best for you.