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GI Clear

Nutritional support to improve gastrointestinal health and immune system function

GI Clear contains well documented botanicals that create a hostile environment for these unwelcomed guests. Wormwood contains a compound called artemisinin, which is known to interfere with microbial metabolism by causing structural changes to the microbes that prevent them from thriving in the body. This effect is facilitated by the production of free radicals and reactive aldehydes within the microbes that disrupt their growth.

GI Clear supports the gastrointestinal flora by promoting balanced immunity, the plant compounds in GI Clear also provide potent antioxidant support, to help fend off microbial challenges. The ingredients in GI Clear support healthy microbial balance in the GI tract by supplying botanicals shown to create a hostile environment for microbes. Each capsule  includes sweet wormwood (150 mg), olive leaf extract (100 mg), black walnut hulls (85 mg) and artemisinin (25 mg).




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