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Vitamins For Low Libido

Testosterone is an important hormone for healthy libido and sexual function, but is also imperative for maintaining a healthy body composition and lean body mass. Having healthy levels of testosterone has also been linked to maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels as well as emotional balance, drive and motivation. Adequate testosterone is also essential for healthy bone metabolism. Hormones such as cortisol and DHEA play an important role in stress response.

Did you know that there are supplements that can support your hormones naturally and help with low libido? 

  • DHEA(dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone produced by your body's adrenal glands and functions as a precursor to male and female sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. Since DHEA levels decline with age, some studies show that supplementing your body's falling levels of the hormone might help with low libido. 
  • Functional Female and Male Boost are formulas that contain a blend of ingredients designed to work in concert with one another to support sexual health and energy, promote healthy cortisol levels and provide dopamine support.

Where to get them

The vitamins and nutrients commonly used to address low libido can be purchased at any large retailer. Be on the lookout for professional-grade vitamins and supplements - most of those sold at brick-and-morter retailers are food-grade. Wellnicity has sourced a variety of supplements, used effectively for years by our clinical team. These supplements can be compiled into daily-dose pill packs for convenience. (All of the vitamins and supplements sold here at Wellnicity are professional-grade).

Our recommendation

If you want to really address your symptoms and find out which vitamins and supplements will actually make you feel better, you first need to know what is going on in your body. We offer a number of clinical at-home test kits to help you measure and discover what is out of balance so you can accurately address your problems.

Test kits for measuring these imbalances

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